Manic Pixie Magus

Name: Sunshine (Sunny)
Path: Acanthus
Order: Free Council
Virtue: ???
Vice: ???
Cabal: ???
Legacy: ???
Total: 15
Spent: 0
Remaining: 15
Power Intelligence: OO Strength: OOO Presence: OOOO
Finesse Wits: OO Dexterity: OOO Manipulation: OO
Resistance Resolve: OO Stamina: OOO Composure: OO
Mental Social Physical
Academics: Athletics: OOOO Animal Ken:
Computer: Brawl: OOOO Empathy: OOO
Crafts*: Drive: Expression:
Investigation: Firearms: Intimidation:
Medicine: OO Larceny: OOO Persuasion*: OO
Occult: OO Stealth: Socialize:
Politics: Survival: Streetwise: OO
Science*: Weaponry: Subterfuge:

Rote specialty: +1 to rotes using marked skills (*)

x: ???
y: ???
z: ???
Death: Mind:
Fate: OOO Prime:
Forces: Space:
Life: O Spirit:
Matter: Time: OO
Name Level Arcana Mana Cost Dice Pool Book
Fortune’s Protection 2 Fate (covert) 1 (optional) Composure + Athletics + Fate M:tA 152
The Sybil’s Sight 1 Fate (covert) none Wits + Occult + Fate M:tA 149
Superlative Luck 3 Fate (vulgar) 1 Resolve + Occult + Fate M:tA 156
Other Traits
Gnosis: 3 Defense: 2
Wisdom: 6? Initiative Modifier: 5
Willpower: 4 Speed: 11
Size: 5 Health: 8

Nimbus: What lies at the end of a rainbow, in the space between heartbeats; the moment slows, the pulse rushes in the ears, things glow golden, and crystalline, and butterflies and flower petals swirl on an unseen updraft of fragrant air. There is heat on that wind, sultry and damp, and clothes cling knowingly to the wearer, whispering of mysteries both earthy and sublime. A general sensation of intoxication, spiked by arousal.

Gear and Equipment
This, this, that.


Born: Unknown

Age: Appears early to mid twenties, but the knowing glint in her eye hints that Sunshine has rather more years under her belt than initial impressions would suggest. So does her startling proficiency with the Art.

Rank: Disciple of Fate, Adept of Time, Initiate of Life


Sleeper alias: Phoebe du Soleil (performing name)

Concept: Manic Pixie Magus

Sunny by name, Sunny by nature.

Physical description: Sunshine – Sunny, to her friends, and that’s pretty much everyone – is a riot of dreadlocks, colour, life and joy. She’s not ditzy, or vapid, she’s just…upbeat. Just one of those really positive people. You know Sunny, or at least you’ve seen her, with her hat down and her juggling sticks flying on King St, clothing a gleeful assault of clashing colours and patterns, hair wrapped in a silk Vietnamese sash, teeth gleaming in a keen grin as she locks sparkling blue eyes with each passerby. Perhaps you’ve even muttered in passing, “Get a job!” whereupon she, completely unperturbed, grinned back at you and proclaimed, totally without irony, “This is my job, mister!” and then performed a trick, just for you. She’s tall, and clearly athletic, and has the general look of a typical Newtown native; a little crunchy, but not to a feral degree – she probably doesn’t live on tofu, kale and muesli, bathe less than daily or recycle her toilet water, but she almost certainly buys her food at the co-op, smokes Turkish cloves and very likely has a lovingly-tended little veggie patch in a community garden lot, somewhere. She smells of fresh sweat, damp earth, sandalwood and patchouli.

No-one really knows Sunny’s story. She rocked up from Melbourne about a decade ago, looking exactly the age she does today, with a list of Awakened contacts across the country as long as your arm, and a command of what she calls “Magik” that belied her apparent youth.

All her references checked out, though, and she quickly proved her worth to the Consilium as friend, eyes on the street, and surprisingly potent divinatory resource.

These days, she serves Sydney’s Awakened contingent as a face person, her easy charm making her a natural diplomat when dealing with mundane authorities, and other Supernaturals, as well as unofficial morale officer, and the Consilium’s dedicated finger on the cultural/sub-cultural pulse of the Inner West. In addition, her physical dynamism and knack at evading trouble renders her both an excellent “runner”, when a situation calls for time-critical action, and a skilled, hardy and willing Emissary to other Consiliae, when a representative is required.

Despite being cheerfully pacifistic, the acrobatic skills acquired in her past as a circus tumbler (and roustabout) mean that, when a situation does turn physical, Sunshine is surprisingly capable of busting out a trick or two. Generally, though, she much prefers to talk out any conflict that might arise; it’s what she’s best at, and the alternative is guaranteed to ruin her day.

She’s lighthearted, flakey, and rarely punctual – which, for a Time Mage, is almost impressive. She has a warm, unaffected sensuality that translates itself into casual promiscuity, and the lines she draws between platonic and sexual affection seem to be thinner than most; her approach to relationships is so unstructured that she tends not to have many "ex"es so much as a lot of "sometimes"es. She’s friendly and unguarded and she seems to genuinely and unconditionally love you – whoever you are, whatever you’ve done, Sunshine loves you. She often forgets entire social commitments, but is always available with a cup of hot chai, a patient ear and an inexhaustible amount of cuddles when things go wrong. She doesn’t judge, and is almost impossible to shock. Other, more staid Mages have been known to grudgingly mutter that she’s very easy to disapprove of, and very difficult to dislike.


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